• Front and Back

    Ride with Chance

    A Valentine's Pounding

    A Very Scalie Christmas Part 2

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    Video includes POV video, foot play, frotting, riding, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, anal play, missionary, cumshots, moaning, masturbation, dildos, and other questionable acts

    **NOTE - I am charging for this video due to prep costs**

    Just letting you know friends. If you do not want to use Manyvids, I can take payment through PayPal and send the direct download links to you through email. Send me a note at I am building a new website to make everything easier.

    A Very Scalie Christmas Part 1

    Fun with Cortez

    Older Videos <Click image to view>

    Solo Fleshlight

    Just me with a Fleshlight

    Chance M Bad Dragon

    Medium Chance from Bad Dragon

    Upside Down Lizard

    Link to video

    Upside down with a toy. Seriously, I need a cameraman

    Fleshlight Round 2

    Second Fleshlight video. Arguable my best cumshot.

    Lizard Creampie

    Creampie with medium Chance from Bad Dragon

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    Swapped the link back on after getting a few emails. I have a couple places below. Thanks!

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